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Kitchen Canister Sets

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Kitchen Canister Set

A kitchen canister set can be the perfect decorating piece to add fun and flair to your kitchen theme. Kitchen canisters are no longer just plain glass canisters or your grandmother’s white ceramic canisters (although those can work well in a vintage kitchen theme). Today’s kitchen canister sets come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs.  Whether you’re looking for a canister set for a sleek contemporary kitchen, or fun shaped canisters for your county kitchen, you’re sure to find plenty of choices on the market today. On this site, we offer lots of decorating tips to help you choose the right kitchen canister set for your own kitchen design, so browse the site for ideas and then start shopping!

Colorful Canister Set

A colorful canister set is just the ticket to add a bold spot of color to add drama to your kitchen.  Depending on the theme of your kitchen, you can be very creative when choosing colorful kitchen canisters. If your kitchen is already monochromatic, this is not the time to match the color of your canisters to the color of your kitchen; instead, you’ll want to choose a canister color that contrasts with the rest of your kitchen. So if your kitchen is already a fairly neutral color such as black or white, add a pop of color with a red kitchen canister set. But if you’re decorating a kitchen that already offers lots of color it’s best to choose one of those colors to accentuate with matching colorful canisters. For example, if you have a retro style kitchen rom the fifties or sixties, you probably already have gold, green and orange in your color palette, so a bright orange kitchen canisters would play up the orange without more color to an already color-saturated room.

Vintage Canister Set

A vintage canister set is usually a lot less colorful than most contemporary canister sets. Vintage canisters tend to be either plain glass canisters with matching glass lids, glass apothecary jars, or even canisters shaped like mason jars with metal lids. There just wasn’t as much variety of colorful canisters a hundred years ago. So if your kitchen is truly a vintage kitchen, with painted cabinets and a farm style sink, you’ll want to continue the theme with glass canisters. One of the most style of vintage canister sets is a set of glass canisters with round glass containers and a glass lid with ball-style handle. These vintage canisters are reminiscent of the canisters found in old-fashioned grocery stores and pharmacies. The option for vintage canisters is to go with a white ceramic canister sets, but stay away from white canisters with stainless steel lids, as they a bit too contemporary for your design theme.

Contemporary Canister Set

A contemporary canister set is a must for any contemporary styled kitchen. If you have stainless steel appliances, sleek metal cabinets and a generally monochromatic look to your kitchen, by all means, don’t spoil the clean sight lines by adding busy multi-colored or unusually shaped kitchen canisters. Keep it simple with a stainless steel canister set, or a set of simple clear glass kitchen canisters.

Fun Canister Set

A fun canister set is a must for any country themed kitchen. Decorating a country kitchen? How about a set of black and white cow-shaped canisters, or a set of rooster kitchen canisters? If you have an old-fashioned country kitchen that can’t quite be called vintage, a set of ceramic kitchen canisters labeled with “flour, sugar, coffee” would be perfect. Just choose a color that coordinates with your kitchen. You’ll find plenty of fun and whimsical kitchen canisters on the market today, so try those yellow sunflower canisters you’ve always loved, or experiment with old fashioned tin kitchen canisters that look like stacked lunch pails. If you don’t like them, no problem, you can always stash them away in a kitchen cupboard to hold baking staples, and in try a new fun kitchen canister set!